Hygienist Team Member for the week!

Dental Hygienist Needed In HILLSBORO, OR on November 26, 2024


Temporary Position

dental hygienist
November 26, 2024
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

We would love to welcome you to our onsite dental location at the Intel campus. We are a large mobile unit with one doctor, one hygienist, and two assistants. Our office manager has eight years of experience assisting and can jump in to help if needed. This is not double hygiene. The assistant is there to help with any technical difficulties or questions you might have. Appointments are mostly 50-60 minutes; exemptions are SRP or single prophy, no exam, no x-rays. We appreciate our temp hygienists and would like to establish a positive working relationship with our temp assistants to keep you coming back! Thank you for your interest in this job!

Our hygienist is out of town this week, but we have a hygiene chair we are happy to fill. You will find this patient population is super accommodating of temp hygienists, and we have all had wonderful experiences. We look forward to continuing this trend!

Perks: Free coffee bar and fruit on the intel campus, cafeteria restaurant with very affordable and yummy options. 1 Hour lunch

Other: Please allow time to find our location as it can be hard to find for those who have never been to the intel campus (Put 6363 NE Butler Street in GPS, park in any structure, walk away from the garage, and you will see our unit). Please use the restroom before you come; the restroom is a 10-minute round-trip walk, and we make time between appointments to accommodate this.

Please call or text office manager Hannah at 5032773835 if you need any more information. Thanks!

RDH of any experience

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