Finally, quality health insurance for temp dental workers.
We’re proud to be the first dental jobs platform to offer a major health insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare® for temp dental workers. It’s a plan you can enjoy simply by finding and booking work through onDiem.
Flexible work. Full-time benefits.*
*Yep—even if you’re not working full time.
Work confidently. Worry less.
Do what you already do: Find and book jobs. We're the only dental jobs platform to reward you for it with PTO, healthcare, employer-paid taxes, Care Benefits*, discounted ADHA membership, and more.
*Automatically earn up to $250 in Care Benefits—just for finding work through onDiem. Care Benefits cover costs related to health and wellness—like yoga classes, childcare, copays, and fitness equipment.

What you get from the moment you sign up
Employer-paid Taxes
Employer-paid Taxes
(In other words: Take more home!)
Most dental staffing companies out there will classify temp dental workers (illegally!) as 1099 contractors—which means you’ll have to pay both yours and your employer’s tax burden. We don’t think that’s fair, either.  When you sign up with onDiem, you’re a bona fide W-2 worker—which means you’ll potentially save thousands of tax dollars each year.
Malpractice Insurance
Malpractice Insurance
Many temps think they’re covered by the practice they work for—but this is often not the case. Thankfully, onDiem immediately provides liability insurance to protect you against patient or client lawsuits.
Workers’ Comp Insurance
Workers’ Comp Insurance
You’ll immediately enjoy workers’ comp insurance to help you recover from work-related injuries or illnesses. Without this insurance, you’ll need to pay the bulk of the cost for recovery.
What you get when you book jobs through onDiem
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Pay for that dream vacation, or give yourself a hard-earned bonus. Automatically earn 1 hour of PTO for every 24 hours worked. There’s no limit to how much PTO you can earn—and you can cash out as soon as it’s earned, or save up for a special event.
Care Benefits
Care Benefits cover your health and wellness related costs—like childcare, copays, prescriptions, fitness equipment, eldercare, and more. Work at least 8 shifts per month, automatically get $100 in Care Benefits. Work at least 12 shifts, automatically get $200. ($150 and $250 if you’re an ADHA member!) You can also apply Care Benefits toward your health insurance premium every month.
Care Benefits
Maximize your benefits & career opportunities
Comprehensive Health Insurance
UnitedHealthcare® Choice Plus PPO Plan
Opt into the dental staffing industry’s first and only PPO health insurance plan for temp dental workers. (This is the same health insurance our own CEO enjoys—because why shouldn’t dental workers enjoy quality healthcare, too?)

You can enroll immediately—even if you’ve never worked with onDiem before. After coverage kicks in, you only need to work approximately 8.5 shifts per month through onDiem to continue qualifying for our plan.
Learn more about this plan and the enrollment process here.

Fixed Indemnity Plan
Opt into our ACA-compliant Essential StaffCARE indemnity plan, which affordably covers day-to-day medical expenses.
ADHA Perks and Discounted Membership
ADHA Perks & Discounted Membership
Sign up for the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) through onDiem, and we’ll cover 50% of your membership fees. Existing members receive a $100 bonus!
Every ADHA member also qualifies for $50 more per month in onDiem Care Benefits.
Learn more about our partnership and your benefits here.
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