ClearFees Growth Pay

Maximize every staffing dollar with onDiem ClearPayTM. No hidden fees—just transparent pricing and savings on routine labor costs.

A radically different approach to staffing costs

Not only does ClearPay show you a breakdown of what you pay for each temp shift, it also automatically calculates when a professional's threshold has been met for state and federal unemployment taxes.

Instead of pocketing those savings, we pass them on to you. No other staffing agency offers that. But then again, we're not like other staffing agencies.

We've got you covered with cost-effective, compliant staffing so you can focus on maximizing revenue and growing your business.


New streamlined billing and payments

We've updated our billing and payments process to save you time and effort. Payments are now processed each time you approve a timesheet. Once complete, simply access a record of that payment through your onDiem account. No more invoicing or writing checks—just fast, easy, and convenient service.

To activate this feature, log into your onDiem account to add a payment method. Once in place, we'll take care of the rest automatically.


Calculate your ROI for a day of dental hygiene

Today’s temp labor market is competitive. Practices that focus solely on securing the lowest hourly rate risk not filling the shift and may lose a significant amount of revenue for that day. Use our staffing calculator to see how little of a difference even a $5 bump in hourly rate makes to your bottom line. Then apply that strategy to eliminating dark days. Don't forget you can also proactively GROW your revenue by hiring a temporary dental hygienist to work in an otherwise empty operatory. See how you can maximize your ROI.

Based on an 8-hour work day.

Temp Wages:
FUTA Cost :
SUTA Cost :
Workers Comp Cost:
FICA Social Security Tax Cost:
Medicare Tax Cost:
Total Labor Burden
Total Labor Costs:
onDiem 17.5% Service Fee :
Total Investment:
Avg. Day Production:
Avg. Referred Dental Procedures:
Total Avg. RDH Revenue
Your Return on Investment (ROI) for this work day:

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