Together, we’re giving hygienists more.

The ADHA advocates for better standards, working conditions, and flexibility for 226,000 hygienists across the country. Now, the ADHA has partnered with onDiem to give every onDiem hygienist discounted membership and up to $3,000 per year in Care Benefits.

Fitness expenses
Gym membership, workout equipment, personal training
Childcare and elder care
Professional childcare or elder care, family-supported expenses for dependents or parents
Care Benefits
Designed to support you and your loved ones when it matters most. Hygienists automatically accrue Care Benefits when they find work through onDiem. Cover the following and more:
Medical expenses
Co-pays, deductibles, premiums, prescriptions, eye care, dental
Wellness and self-care
Wellness retreats, self-care workshops, haircuts, manicures
Earn up to $3,000 per year in onDiem Care Benefits
Your Care Benefits help cover the costs of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Sign up for 50% discounted ADHA membership through onDiem, and you’ll receive even more.
Number of hours worked through onDiem
64 hours
(about 8 shifts)
96 hours
(about 12 shifts)
onDiem hygienists earn...
per month
per month
ADHA members* who use onDiem earn...
per month
per month
*Hygienists who sign up for ADHA membership through onDiem’s platform will receive 50% (or more) off their membership—and pay absolutely nothing up front.
Earn up to $3,000 per year in onDiem Care Benefits
Your Care Benefits help cover the costs of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Sign up for 50% discounted ADHA membership through onDiem, and you’ll receive even more.
Sign up for ADHA membership and work 12 shifts for onDiem per month (96 hours)
$250per month
$200per month
Work 12 shifts for onDiem per month (96 hours)
Sign up for ADHA membership and work 8 shifts for onDiem per month (64 hours)
$150per month
$100per month
Work 8 shifts for onDiem per month (64 hours)
onDiem Benefits and Protections for Hygienists
Dental professionals who find jobs through onDiem enjoy financial opportunity and flexibility—with a set of benefits and protections you won’t find anywhere else.
onDiem Benefits and Protections for Hygienists
Health Benefits
Receive access to our affordable health plan with your first shift.
Malpractice Insurance
You're covered under onDiem's policy each time you work through the platform.
Workers’ Comp Insurance
Accidents happen on the job. Workers' comp protects your health and finances.
Employer-Paid Taxes
You pay less in taxes and get to keep more of what you earn.
Paid Time Off
Accrue cash just by working, to use as paid time off or for whatever you want, whenever you want.
Weekly Payments
Employees receive their paychecks on the same day of the week every week.
Exclusive benefits for ADHA members
Your membership helps make all of our advocacy possible at the federal, state, and local levels. It also unlocks exclusive access to benefits designed to uplift the hygienist community.

CE Courses
50+ CE courses

Free and discounted CE courses, webinars, and more

Event Access
Discounted event access

Save $200+ on the ADHA Annual Conference, the premier dental hygiene event of the year.

Exclusive perks and discounts
Exclusive perks and discounts

Save on the latest tech, car rentals, vacation packages, and more.

onDiem covers 50% or more of your ADHA membership. You pay nothing upfront.

When you sign up for 50% discounted ADHA membership through onDiem, the rest of your membership dues are simply deducted from your wages as you work onDiem shifts. You pay nothing upfront, and earn up to $600 of additional Care Benefits per year! Signing up is as easy at 1, 2, 3:

Sign up for onDiem
Find work through onDiem to begin earning up to $200 a month in Care Benefits.

• Work 64 hours a month: Earn $100
• Work 96 hours a month: Earn $200
Become an ADHA member at no upfront cost
Opt into ADHA membership and we’ll deduct your membership dues from your paycheck over the course of four (4) completed onDiem shifts.
Earn extra Care Benefits
You earn an additional $50 per month in Care Benefits just by being a member!

• Work 64 hours a month: Earn $150
• Work 96 hours a month: Earn $250

Already an ADHA member? Amazing. Provide us with your membership number. When you complete four 6+ hour shifts through onDiem, you’ll receive $100 directly to your bank account (payable in $25 increments with each shift).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

onDiem is an on-demand dental staffing platform that connects hygienists, assistants, dentists, and front-office staff with dental practices and organizations. onDiem provides dental professionals with not only flexible, temporary, and permanent work opportunities—but also unique access to substantial protections and benefits for all 34,000 dental professionals on the platform. That includes: 

  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Employer-paid taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Care Benefits
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Weekly payments

As the first dental staffing platform to be fully W-2 compliant nationwide, onDiem also eliminates the burden of staffing compliance, so dental organizations and businesses can focus on maximizing quality of care, production, and revenue. To learn more about onDiem, visit onDiem.com.

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) is the only national organization representing the professional interests of the more than 226,000 dental hygienists in the United States. ADHA pursues and supports advocacy efforts to elevate the voices of dental hygienists at the federal, state and local levels, develops and curates education and research in the field, and builds community among practicing hygienists, students, industry, employers and institutions. For 100 years, ADHA has been dedicated to uniting and empowering dental hygienists to make a positive impact on public oral and overall health. To learn more about the ADHA, dental hygiene, or the link between oral health and general health, visit adha.org.

onDiem is the first staffing agency to be W-2 compliant nationwide, which means they provide hygienists with unique benefits, protections, and access to legal jobs. As the organization that has advocated for material change and benefits for hygienists since 1923, the ADHA sees onDiem not only as an obvious ally, but also as an integral partner in our mission to better the lives of hygienists across the nation. 

To make it easier for hygienists to build thriving careers and livelihoods, the ADHA has partnered with onDiem to provide discounted ADHA memberships—which open the door to countless financial benefits, third-party discounts, CE opportunities, and community-building events. 

We’ve also worked with onDiem to give each ADHA member up to $3,000 per year in onDiem Care Benefits, designed to cover a wide range of health- and wellness-related expenses.

Your onDiem Care Benefits can be used for a wide range of health- and wellness-related needs. That includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Medical Expenses
    Co-pays, deductibles, premiums, prescriptions, physical therapy, OTC medications, eye care, dental care, medical equipment and supplies and, non-covered medical expenses from HSA
  • Wellness and Self-Care
    Wellness fairs, workshops on health and wellness topics, and self-care (haircuts, manicures, pedicures, etc.)
  • Childcare and Elder Care
    Professional child/elder care, and family-supported child/elder care expenses for dependents/parents
  • Fitness Expenses
    Gym memberships, fitness classes, personal training sessions, and equipment purchases
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
    Weight loss programs and nutrition counseling
  • Mental Health & Stress Management
    Counseling services, mindfulness classes, and relaxation therapies or apps
  • Preventive Care
    Health screenings, immunizations, and smoking cessation programs
  • Alternative Therapies
    Acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other complementary and alternative treatments
  • Health & Wellness Technology
    Fitness trackers, wellness apps, and other technological tools to promote healthy behavior

To qualify to receive onDiem Care Benefits, you simply need to find work through onDiem’s platform. If you’re an ADHA member, you’ll automatically qualify to receive $50 more in Care Benefits per month. (That’s $600 more per year.) Here’s how it works:
  Number of hours worked per month Care Benefits received per month Total Care Benefits received every year
onDiem member 64 hours (about 8 shifts) 100 $1200
  96 hours (about 12 shifts) 200 $2400
ADHA + onDiem member 64 hours (about 8 shifts) 150 $1800
  96 hours (about 12 shifts) 250 $3000

No, you don’t have to be an ADHA member to receive Care Benefits. You only need to find and complete shifts through onDiem to receive them. But by signing up for discounted ADHA membership, you qualify for $50 more per month in Care Benefits—for an additional $600 per year!

Once you’ve accrued your onDiem Care Benefits each month, simply submit a claim through your onDiem Employee Portal. Once your claim is approved, your Care Benefits will automatically appear on your next onDiem paycheck.

Yes! If you’re already an ADHA member, simply link your membership number in your Employee Portal. You’ll automatically qualify for $50 more per month in Care Benefits. You’ll also receive a $100 bonus, payable in four equal installments over four completed onDiem shifts.

Yes! When your regular practice adds you to their onDiem SafePay portal, they’ll be granted the lowest fee possible and gain peace of mind as they offload employee administration to onDiem. You’ll also start to earn Care Benefits through your shifts. It’s a win-win situation! If you or your practice need help with this, please reach out to support@ondiem.com.

Team onDiem is happy to help find shifts for you! Some pro-tips: Keep your onDiem calendar updated with your availability, and we’ll find shifts in your area. Check out your local dental community Facebook groups for any temp shifts that are posted, and send prospective employers a message letting them know you’re available to work through onDiem.

Need more help? Hygienists consistently rave about onDiem’s customer service team for going above and beyond to help ensure a great experience for all dental professionals on the platform. Send a note to support@ondiem.com!

Through this partnership, the ADHA is discounting the national dues portion of your membership by 25%. onDiem will be paying for half of the remaining balance of all your dues—so at the end of the day, you’re potentially receiving over 50% off your total membership dues.

ADHA annual national dues are $228 in 2023. They will be discounted through this partnership by 25% to $171. As part of this national membership, there are additional dues that make up an annual membership cost to support your state and other local ADHA organizations. These are known as Constituent (State), Component (Local by zip code), and Assessment dues. Depending on your state, you may have up to all three of these parts of the greater ADHA organization, or none of them. With that in mind, the total non-discounted membership rate can vary from a low of $228 to a high of $398, depending on your zip code and state.

ADHA members receive a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Free continuing education classes (CE)
  • Organized lobbying at the federal, state and local levels to improve hygienists’ working conditions, and flexibility to work
  • Discounted admission to the ADHA annual conference of $200 off
  • Free digital subscription to the Journal of Dental Hygiene (JDH)
  • Third-party discounts on insurance, travel, financial services, and home/office expenses

  • The ADHA discounts your national dues by 25%
  • onDiem splits the rest with you, which means they’ll pay for 50% of your remaining dues.
  • Your remaining dues will be paid in 4 equal installments over 4 completed onDiem shifts (6+ hours). For each installment, onDiem will deduct half from your paycheck, and match and pay the other half.
  • Once you’ve completed 4 shifts, you’ll be a fully paid member of the ADHA for the remainder of the annual term.

This is a one-time program between onDiem and the ADHA, so renewals will be handled directly with the ADHA at the standard renewal rate at that time.

If you’re an existing member, link your ADHA account to your onDiem profile and you’ll receive a $25 bonus for each of your next shifts (that are 6+ hours), for a total of $100.

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