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onDiem Featured in November Issue of Dental Products Report

January 2, 2020

This month, we’re honored to be featured on the cover of Dental Products Report magazine.

DPR selects just three products per month for its cover (33 products per year). The cover, along with our feature in DPR’s product spotlight, means that our on-demand staffing platform, and the benefits we offer both dental practices and professionals, will be seen by nearly every dentist in the United States.

In addition, onDiem's CEO, Joe Fogg, was interviewed by industry expert, Thais Carter, for another article in the same issue. Joe and Thais spoke at length about our impact on staffing in the dental industry.

From the article:

Most dental practices are considered small businesses, employing fewer than 50 people and open an average of four days a week, creating a unique labor pool of part-time employees. The reality is, many dental team members—hygienists and assistants in particular—are gig economy workers.

What does that mean for you? Joe Fogg, CEO of onDiem, a new nationwide dental staffing solution, sees this as an opportunity for dentists to embrace new solutions. We had the chance to talk with him about the burdens onDiem can lift from employers’ shoulders and the value it can create for employees including—no joke—providing healthcare coverage.

Visit Dental Products Reports’ website to read the full article.

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