onDiem Expands Services to Include Locum Tenens Dentists and Partners with David R. Rice, DDS, Founder of igniteDDS

June 27, 2024
Lindsey Yoo, Lead Copywriter & Brand Strategist
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“Do you have dentists on your platform?” “I do locum tenens work. Is that something your platform supports?” These are questions we’ve received time and again—and today, we’re so proud to finally answer with a resounding “Yes!” 

onDiem has officially expanded our dental professional community to include locum tenens dentists, all of whom are verified and qualified through our Digital ID credentialing service. And because we want to ensure dentists and practices get the kind of support they deserve, we’ve also partnered with Dr. David R. Rice (the Founder of ignite DDS) to inform and collaborate on our strategy. 

Improving the Hiring Process through Dentist Locums and Digital ID

To improve capacity, revenue, and access to care, dental practice managers and owners will now have the ability to complement their teams with vetted and qualified dentists. As a key part of our locum tenens launch, we’re applying our Digital ID credentialing service to ensure primary source verification (PSV) for all onDiem dentists. We’ll be monitoring for state sanctions, exclusions, and licensure—and for regulating entities including but not limited to OIG, SAM, NPI, DEA, and OFAC. 

That means dental practice managers and owners can not only streamline their hiring—but also mitigate risk and stay confident in the qualifications of their onDiem hires

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Supporting Locum Tenens Dentists in their Career Goals 

It’s one thing to add dentists to our platform; it’s quite another thing to do so in a thoughtful, sustainable way that supports and rewards both the job-seeker and the employer. To that end, we’ve also partnered with David R. Rice, DDS to ensure that our dentists feel supported throughout their career journey, and that they are equipped to provide the best possible care. 

This was an obvious move for us—as Dr. Rice has a long, respected, and proven history of serving as an advocate for new grads and dentists. As the Founder of igniteDDS, the nation’s largest student and new-dentist community, Dr. Rice travels the world to speak, write, and connect young dentists with successful dental practices. He also serves as the Editorial Director of DentistryIQ and leads a team-centered restorative and implant practice in East Amherst, New York. Dr. Rice’s mentorship has been invaluable to a community of young dentists who are facing several challenges in the landscape—including student loan debt ranging from $200K to $400K. With Dr. Rice’s guidance, onDiem’s locum tenens launch has the potential to help more dentists not only increase income, but also expand their communities’ access to care. 

Our Founder and CEO Joe Fogg says it best: “Through igniteDDS, Dr. Rice has been a tireless advocate and experienced advisor for dentists’ careers, businesses, and personal well-being.  His mentorship is crucial at a time when dentists’ student loan debt is at an all-time high, and as dentists seek to pick up additional shifts to increase income and patient access to care.” 

Dr. Rice’s insights will not only impact the way we roll out our expanded locum tenens service, but also guide our team as we build more features and benefits to meet dentist and dental practice needs.”

Perks and Benefits for onDiem’s Locum Tenens Dentists

With this launch, dentists will now be able to sign up for onDiem as job-seeking professionals. As locum tenens staff, they can book jobs and earn income, set their own work schedules, and enjoy onDiem’s unique suite of W-2 benefits and protections. (This includes PTO accrual, health benefits and comprehensive insurance, and more.)  

To enjoy our expanded locum tenens service, or to start searching for jobs as a locum tenens dentist, sign up for an onDiem account

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