NYSDA, NYDHA, and onDiem announce partnership to improve access to quality dental care in New York

January 24, 2024
Lindsey Yoo, Lead Copywriter & Brand Strategist


The New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) and the New York Dental Hygienists’ Association (NYDHA) collaborate frequently on potential solutions to a serious dental labor shortage. onDiem is proud to join their efforts, in an unprecedented effort to uplift the entire industry and improve access to crucially-needed dental care.

“New York State is home to the second largest community of dental hygienists in the country. Yet dental practice owners in New York consistently tell us they are struggling to hire and retain,” explained Joe Fogg, Founder and CEO of onDiem. “We’re helping our community by making it easier to access onDiem—a dental staffing platform and workforce management solution that’s capable of so much more than just ‘filling empty seats.’ We offer W-2 benefits that make our dental professionals feel cared for—and therefore make them more reliable and dependable. We offer smart staffing strategies that go beyond shift fulfillment to improve production, revenue, and patient care.”

“We are excited to partner with onDiem to deliver new benefits for our members,” said Greg Hill, Executive Director of NYSDA. “This opportunity will provide a dental staffing platform and workforce management solution—which will be an asset to members looking to staff their office to reduce the wait time for patients to receive the critical dental care they need.” 

Beth Krueger, Executive Director of NYDHA, highlighted the positive effects of this alliance on New York’s hygienist community. “Dental hygienists deserve to feel protected and valued. Our partnership with onDiem gives dental workers everywhere the chance to earn extra income, enjoy healthcare benefits at a low cost, and work legally and safely with employers who understand the importance of compliance,” she said. “When our hygienist community feels cared for in this way, they can more effectively work with practices to increase the quality of care for our patients.” 

Through the partnership with NYSDA and NYDHA, onDiem is providing the following perks and benefits for our New York community—all in service of building a thriving dental industry that delivers the best possible patient care.

To help NYSDA members improve hiring and retention:

  • Industry-best pricing for onDiem’s services
  • Usage rebate: Up to $500 per year on completed shifts 
  • Invoicing terms: 45 days
  • 50% discount on onDiem Premium
  • Free temp-to-perm fee
  • Exclusive NYSDA shift board

To help NYDHA members enjoy job stability and career growth:

  • ADHA membership discount of 50%
  • Existing member rebate of up to $100
  • $600 in additional onDiem Care Benefits per year (to cover health and wellness-related costs)
  • Access to onDiem’s comprehensive health insurance plans for temps through UnitedHealthcare®

For more information on how to take advantage of these benefits, or to learn more, please contact support@onDiem.com.

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