Meet Dr. Aman Kaur, onDiem’s Career Growth and Social Equity Advisor

December 15, 2021

Team onDiem is excited to announce our partnership with Dr. Aman Kaur—the CEO of AiM Dental Alliance and the Founder of Women in DSO.

Aman-Kaur-CroppedThroughout her illustrious career, Dr. Kaur has worked to improve access to dental care, and to promote women leaders across the DSO (dental support organization) industry. We stand with Dr. Kaur as she breaks down glass ceilings, and are grateful to rely on her strategic insights to build crucial, forward-thinking services for our industry.

Through Women in DSO, Dr. Kaur demonstrates an unmatched ability and commitment to uplifting women in leadership roles and highlighting their many contributions. Rather than focus on mere representation, Dr. Kaur is interested in building the long-term structural supports and tools that make it easier for women to advance in their careers. “onDiem is a natural partner in my mission,” said Dr. Kaur. “They offer W-2 benefits while allowing professionals to work with multiple dental employers. And by creating services like Digital ID, onDiem has the potential to empower more women in dentistry to navigate their careers with ease, transparency, and maximized opportunities.

As onDiem’s Career Growth and Social Equity Advisor, Dr. Kaur will help the tens of thousands of dental professionals within the onDiem community capitalize on new opportunities for career growth and fulfillment. She will foster a partnership between Women in DSO and onDiem, focusing on expanding Women in DSO’s leadership and career opportunities to the onDiem community. This partnership will also open invaluable mentoring resources to onDiem professionals—for career growth both within and beyond the clinical setting. In all of her efforts, Dr. Kaur will ensure that we keep equity at the forefront of our work.

Dr. Aman Kaur is a DSO industry veteran and seasoned executive with over 18 years of experience in the dental industry. She is known for her ability to build DSOs from the ground up and enable turn-arounds, through her unique expertise and ability to lead inspired teams. In addition to being the CEO of Midwest-based DSO AiM Dental Alliance and the Founder and President of Women in DSO, Dr. Kaur serves as a board member for several DSOs, government dental programs, and dental product companies.

onDiem’s Digital ID credentialing service, helps both dental practices and professionals monitor current state licenses and ensure compliance with regulating entities like OIG, SAM, DEA, and NPI. Digital ID also allows practices and professionals to upload COVID-19 vaccination cards, exemption requests, and COVID-19 test results. Practices also gain the ability to verify and approve workers’ documents and store them for future access.

Learn more about Digital ID here.

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