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Dental Professionals: 4 Quick Tips for Getting Your Profile Noticed

October 8, 2019

Searching for work, even if you're simply looking to pick up a few shifts to earn a few extra bucks or gain additional experience, can be daunting. But we promise to make it easy.

You see, at its essence, the process is actually very straightforward: Practices need help - often NOW - and they want to find the best, most capable person for the job, quickly and efficiently.

So your goal is to help make it easy for them. How? By making yourself both super find-able in searches and super irresistible as someone to work with.

Here are our five favorite tips for getting noticed on onDiem:

  • Fill out your profile completely. Most practices are searching for credentials via specific keywords, so the more information you can provide the better. Even something as small as double-checking your address can make a big difference.
  • Include a high-quality profile photo. There's no need for a glamour shot here, but think about what practices want - staff members who are friendly, approachable and professional - utilize this space to show them how you fit that bill.
  • Keep your profile accomplishment-driven. Practices want to hire with peace of mind that candidates can walk in the door and hit the ground running, so sell yourself by highlighting any certifications or skills that are of interest.
  • Always check spelling and grammar. Most people are forgiving of typos, but don’t risk turning off a potential employer just because you didn’t use spellcheck or take care of glaring mistakes.

Bonus: Clean up those social profiles! This is one of the easiest, yet most often overlooked pieces when both contractors and full-time employees are looking for work. Any practice that prides itself in doing due diligence will do a little harmless Google-searching, so be prepared!

Do yourself a favor and complete a quick audit of your social media accounts. A good rule of thumb here is that if something is on the internet about you that you wouldn't want plastered on the front page of a newspaper, make it private or delete it.

Creating a profile on onDiem allows you to let the entire dental community know about your professionalism and skills thereby eliminating the need to actually send your resume to different practices if you're looking for work. The trick to bridging the gap from sign up to working is quickly and efficiently catching the attention of dental practices and hiring managers.

With the above tips, you’ll be able to transform your onDiem profile into an attractive page that will work FOR you.

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