CDHA and onDiem:
Advocating for the largest community of dental hygienists

June 24, 2024
Lindsey Yoo, Lead Copywriter & Brand Strategist



          onDiem and CDHA are proud to announce their partnership, which gives dental hygienists improved access to a generous suite of benefits, protections, and discounts. This is a natural and rewarding relationship; the CDHA has long served as the voice of California’s hygienists, and onDiem has worked to provide safe, legal, and fulfilling work for dental professionals. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come, and grateful that so many hygienists will benefit from our alliance. 

Thanks to our partnership, when CDHA members find work through onDiem, they unlock exclusive perks. In addition to receiving all the usual onDiem benefits and protections, every CDHA member on our platform receives: 

  • A $122.52 rebate on their existing CDHA membership 
  • $50 more per month in onDiem Care Benefits—for up to $250 per month to cover health and wellness expenses (Think childcare, eldercare, yoga classes, meditation retreats, and more)

If you’re a dental hygienist who’d like to enjoy these benefits, sign up for onDiem here, or start looking for work in your area now

         "onDiem, the staffing platform with the largest community of W-2 professionals, is now joining forces with CDHA, the voice of the largest community of dental hygienists. I’m excited to see California hygienists take advantage of all we have to offer.” 

—State Association Leader


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