For the first time ever:
A comprehensive healthcare plan for temp dental workers 💙🎉

October 2, 2023
Lindsey Yoo, Lead Brand Strategist and Copywriter | Azriél Crews, Junior Copywriter

onDiem, the first W-2 dental jobs platform in the country, is proud to announce that all dental workers on our platform now have access to a comprehensive, major PPO healthcare plan.


This is the same plan our own CEO enjoys—because dental workers everywhere should have quality healthcare, too.

"Dental workers—the people we rely on for the most important preventative care—deserve access to quality care. I'm thrilled that onDiem is the first dental staffing company to provide that access. It's simply the right thing to do."
—Joe FoggCEO, Founder of onDiem


If you’ve ever lived without health insurance (and several of us at Team onDiem have), you know how scary it can be—and how vulnerable you can feel waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop. No one should have to deal with that. And why should dental workers, the clinicians and professionals who provide the most essential preventative care, have to worry about their own health and wellness?

We’re proud to launch dental staffing’s first comprehensive, major PPO healthcare plan for temporary dental workers. To enjoy coverage, do what you already do, but through onDiem: Find, book, and work shifts. You can enroll in healthcare immediately, even if you've never worked through us before! Once your coverage officially kicks in, you'll need to work approximately 8.5 shifts (68 hours) per month through us to continue qualifying for our healthcare insurance. You can check out our healthcare resources page for more information, but here are the basics: 


UnitedHealthcare® Choice Plus PPO Medical Plan


Individual plan: $562 / month

onDiem users who work just three shifts per week automatically earn up to $250 in Care Benefits* and an average of $200 in PTO per month. Both can be applied to healthcare—bringing your health insurance cost down to $112 per month!

*All onDiem users earn Care Benefits every month, which can be used to reimburse costs related to your health and wellness. Think fitness classes, childcare, eldercare, copays, and more.


A non-exhaustive list:
   💙 Preventative Care: 100% Covered
   💙 Annual Deductible: $2,250
   💙 Coinsurance: You pay 30%, carrier pays 70%.
   💙 Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $8,100
     …and more

How to qualify

Work just 8.5 shifts (68 hours) through onDiem every month.*

*This requirement doesn't come into effect until your coverage officially begins. That means you can enroll now—even if you've never worked with onDiem before. 


Even before we launched this plan, we’ve always offered health benefits through an ACA-compliant indemnity plan. That’s still on the table—because not only do you deserve healthcare, but you also deserve the freedom and flexibility to choose what benefits are right for you. 

All dental workers provide life-changing preventative care—but dental workers who temp through onDiem get rewarded for that good work with employer-paid taxes, health benefits, workers’ comp insurance, paid time off, and more. With us, you’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Work confidently without ever having to worry about your own health and wellness again.

Ready to enroll into a top-notch healthcare plan at a fraction of the usual cost? First things first: Sign up for onDiem. If you're already part of our community, head to "onDiem Healthcare Benefits" in your Employee Portal to start the enrollment process.



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