6 Tips for Developing and Retaining Top Talent

January 2, 2020

There comes a point (hopefully sooner than later) in every practice owner’s career that s/he realizes that actual dentistry they’re doing is only part of the equation when it comes to the success of their business.

Aside from delivering a high level of patient care, nailing the employment process is widely known as the single most important task that contributes to practice success and provides an edge in a competitive field.

Here are our six favorite tips for ensuring you’re hiring, developing and retaining top talent:

Develop accurate job descriptions The exercise of getting down on paper the job responsibilities, necessary skills and abilities, required education or licensure, pay range and summary of working conditions is an excellent way to wrap your head around what’s needed and “get the right people on the bus in the right seats” (to quote a Jim Collins-ism).

Do your homework during recruitment After you post your job description, it’s not time to rest on your laurels and wait for applicants to come rolling in. Now’s the time to be aggressive and do some proactive searching to compliment the process (insert shameless plug for onDiem’s app here); remember: the larger the pool of applicants, the better your chances of finding that special someone who’s a great fit for your practice.

Hone your interview skills Candidates who make your short list should be invited to a personal interview so you can get to know them beyond their resume or CV. Develop a list of questions to ask every applicant (to avoid bias), and consider bringing back the top two candidates for a second round interview to meet with other staff members.

Don’t overlook the onboarding process One the offer is made, your work has just begun! The candidate’s first day is prime time for a celebration, introductions and setting the stage for them to be productive immediately. Draft a new hire checklist, create onboarding materials and provide them with a trainer/mentor to help show them the ropes so they feel comfortable diving right in.

Provide career enrichment Nothing stops a successful career in its tracks quite like boredom, so keep your staff motivated by providing them with a career path that includes higher pay, increased responsibility and variety. This allows them to feel more ownership of their work, which in turn positively impacts attitude and productivity in the workplace.

Plan ahead for performance reviews We get it; it’s easy to let reviews slide because you’re busy, but it’s a smart move to conduct your first review after an employee’s initial 90 days and schedule subsequent reviews at six month and one year. Not only does this provide you both with an opportunity to assess whether or not there’s a good fit, but it’s also a foolproof mechanism for course-correcting for mistakes or misperceptions during the hiring process.

By putting in a little more work up front with the employment process, you’ll be paying yourself in back spades in the long run. Because the true competitive edge in a crowded field comes when you’re able to free yourself of many of the typical staffing issues and instead concentrate on practicing great dentistry.

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