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What is an I-9? How do I complete it?

What is an I-9? How do I complete it? Completing the I-9 verification step for professionals Support

Prior to completing the hiring process, the Federal Government requires that all U.S. employers use the I-9 form to verify the identity and legal employment eligibility for both citizens and non-citizens.

onDiem employees complete the I-9 verification process electronically, using our third-party verification partner, EBI. To complete this step, you will need to produce a document (selected from a list of approved options) that demonstrates your legal status.

You will also need an adult who is not a spouse or family member to witness the document in person and verify it on the I-9 form.

We have created this video to assist you with completion of your I-9 verification:

Need help?  Please contact our customer service team for questions or for further assistance competing your I-9.

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