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How do I Respond to Messages on a Temp Job Post?

How do I Respond to Messages on a Temp Job Post? Responding to messages about a temp job your practice has posted Support

To respond to messages on a temp job: 

  1. In the navigation menu, click 'Temp Jobs'

  2. On the Temp Jobs page, an envelope icon will appear if you have messages from dental professionals on that job post

  3. Click on the Job Post to view its detail page

  4. Click on the 'Messages' tab

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the listing to see any active message threads

  6. Click on a thread to view and respond to any messages on that thread

  7. Click on the 'Your message…' field and type in your message to the dental professional

  8. Click 'Send' to send the message

  9. Click the back button in your browser to go view and respond to any other message threads on the job post

Mobile how to video:

Please let us know if you need additional assistance or need someone to walk you through the steps. 

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