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How do I Edit my Professional Profile?

How do I Edit my Professional Profile? Making changes to your professional profile Support

To edit your professional profile: 

  1. Log into onDiem

  2. In the navigation menu, click 'Profile'

  3. Click 'Edit Profile'

  4. Edit your name, email, phone number, position, years experience, rate, address as needed

  5. Add a personal statement in the 'Personal Bio' field

  6. To add specialties, certifications or software tags to your profile: Click to select tags from the dropdown list; Click “Select or add…” to type in a new tag to add to the list; Click on a tag to remove it from the list

  7. Click the checkbox to receive notifications about upcoming jobs in your area (if desired)

  8. Click 'Save' to save your changes

Mobile how to video:

Desktop how to video: 

Please let us know if you need additional assistance or need someone to walk you through the steps. 

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