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How do I create a Temp Job Post?

How do I create a Temp Job Post? Setting up a Temp Job Post for your practice Support

To create a Temp Job Post: 

  1. Log in to your onDiem account

  2. Click 'Temp Job Posts' in the navigation menu

  3. Click the '+ Temp Job Post' button at the top of the page

  4. Select a position

  5. Enter a title for the post

  6. Select the date of the job

  7. Use the slider to set the hourly rate

  8. Enter start time and end time

  9. Select any unpaid break time for the job (lunch, etc)

  10. Enter a job description

  11. A price estimate will be displayed at the bottom of the window

  12. Click 'Add Promo Code' if you wish to use a promo code

  13. Click 'Create Job Post' to confirm and post the job

  14. A confirmation screen will appear allowing you to view the post or go back to your list of temp jobs

Mobile how-to video:

Desktop how-to video: 

Need assistance? We are happy to help! Simply click the chat icon and our support team will be in touch. 

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