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How do I create a Permanent Job Post?

How do I create a Permanent Job Post? Setting up a Permanent Job Post for your practice Support

To create a Permanent Job Post: 

  1. Log in to your onDiem account

  2. Click 'Permanent Job Posts' in the navigation menu

  3. Click the '+ Permanent Job Post' button at the top of the page

  4. Enter a title for the post

  5. Select a position

  6. Enter a job description

  7. Permanent jobs cost $40 to post on onDiem

  8. Click 'Add Promo Code' if you wish to use a promo code 

  9. Enter credit card information under 'Payment' to pay for the job post

  10. Click 'Create Job Post' to confirm and post the job

  11. A confirmation screen will appear allowing you to view the post or go back to your list of permanent jobs

Mobile how-to video:

Desktop how-to video:

Need assistance? We are happy to help! Simply click the chat icon and our support team will be in touch. 

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