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How do I Accept an Applicant For a Temp Job?

How do I Accept an Applicant For a Temp Job? Support

To accept an applicant for a temp job: 

  1. In the navigation menu, click 'Temp Jobs'

  2. If your job has a status of 'applicants' then you have requests from dental professionals or you have made offers to dental professionals in your network

  3. Click on the job to view its detail page

  4. Click the 'Requests & Offers' button to view requests from professionals along with any offers you’ve made

  5. If a dental professional has requested to work this Temp Job, you can click on their photo to view their profile, or click the 'Accept' button to approve them to work the job

  6. Back on the job detail page, you will see that the job has been filled by that dental professional

Mobile how to video:

Please let us know if you need additional assistance or need someone to walk you through the steps.

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