Temporary Summer DA

Dental Assistant Needed In MILWAUKEE, WI Starting August 01, 2023


Temporary Position

dental assistant
August 1, 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

1. Schedule is #1 priority - The health of the patients and practice depends on your ability to create an efficient patient flow and maintaining a productive schedule while meeting/exceeding office goals on a consistent basis. a. Review schedule in advance for treatment completeness, accuracy, identification, and communication regarding any potentialscheduling problems b. Verify patient visit preps (chart preps) are completed and bring to huddle each day. Communicate to the business team any needs to be completed by the patient prior to seating. c. Monitor key scheduling indicators each day to evaluate and attain the office daily goals. d. Follow scheduling guidelines to ensure a purposeful and productive schedule utilizing the Say ‘YES’ philosophy and honor doctor treatment plan for predictability (TMP). e. Guide the patient to the next step in their treatment plan by creating urgency and ensure appropriate appointment isscheduled.

2. Help patients get the treatment they need, desire, and deserve by believing in and supporting doctor’s diagnosis while increasing your ability to overcome patient obstacles. a. Understand your doctors’ TMP guidelines to better educate and create sense of urgency for the patient. b. Educate patients at every opportunity by continually expanding your knowledge of dentistry through continuing education. c. Connect with each patient by caring for them as if they are a family member utilizing DiSC and other effective communication tools. d. Utilize PCSB (Problem- Consequence – Solution – Benefits) to explain to the patients the consequences of non-treatment creating value and urgency. e. Effectively use HD Communication skills to overcome patient obstacles to achieve case acceptance with needed treatment. Ensuring patients are informed of the next step in treatment and urgency is created so they schedule their next appointment.

3. Provide World Class service to all (patients, team, suppliers, etc.) by communicating effectively and positively at each point of contact – Patient Advocate. a. Customer Service – patients come first attitude, maintaining an overall positive office culture, and helping to create if necessary. b. Be able to answer the telephone when needed, by answering by the third ring in a warm friendly voice identifying the office, yourself, and asking, “How may I help you?” c. Learn and continually deliver the 13 Dots concept for excellent customer service. d. Determine at huddle, which patients you will complete a post op call and ask for referrals. e. Combine efficiency, productivity, and caring for patients by having a complete set up and supplies for the procedure to avoid leaving your patient unattended in the chair. f. Utilize the “Platinum Rule” to ensure consistent communication with patients and team members alike, by treating them the way they want to be treated. Job Title: Dental Assistant Reports To: Practice Manager of Operations FLSA Status: Exempt Prepared By: Committee Updated: January 2021

4. Follow and adhere to Heartland Dentalsystems with 100% commitment for consistent and measurable results. a. Be prepared and timely to morning huddle, bring all necessary information, and prepare for weekly team meetings. b. Follow all charting, documentation, HIPAA, and OSHA guidelines at mastery level to ensure accuracy and thorough details. c. Know and follow Doctors TPP (treatment planning for predictability) guidelines and procedures concerning X-ray | Photos | Perio | Diagnodent | SRS | Chart Prep | 13 Dots, etc. d. Understand the effect of your actions on measurable resultsto achieve thrive levels.

5. Anticipate the needs of the Doctor and provide the assistance necessary for an efficient thriving practice. a. Know, respect, and support your doctors’ TMP. b. Know your doctors’ clinical preferences and be prepared to deliver them consistently and efficiently. Ensure operatory set up for each procedure to eliminate the need to leave the room during a procedure. c. Work with all practice dental assistants to ensure a consistent patient experience. d. Exhibit a strong commitment to working when Doctor isscheduled, allowing for patient access to care.

6. Maintain an optimistic, goal-oriented work environment where everyone istreated with respect and given the opportunity for personal and professional growth. a. Encourage an open and positive team culture and teamwork environment. b. Support and follow expectationsset for your position by Doctor, PMO, and Heartland Dental. c. Maintain a clean and organized work area. d. When problems/issues arise remain solution focused & flexible to create a win/win for everyone involved. e. Crosstrain to be able to provide team support during periods of high activity.

7. Complete all clinical tasks accurately and systematically utilizing outlined guidelinesfor daily, weekly, and monthly timelines. a. Learn/create designated location for all materials,supplies, and equipment. Maintain these areas and items in a clean, clutter free environment for easy access and utilization (this includes each dental operatory). b. Make sure that treatment rooms are ready, stocked, and clean at the beginning of each shift; following OSHA guidelines for proper barriers when setting up an operatory for patient care. Maintain treatment room data logs properly. c. Seat patient and have proper set up for procedures and allsupplies needed- completing tasks in time allotted or ask for help to ensure completion by deadline. d. Use manufacturer’s guidelines for end of day, weekly, and monthly clinical checklists to maintain all equipmentincluding handpieces. e. Continually strive to increase skill level and efficiency. This includes but not limited to: fabricating temporary crowns, scanner utilization, taking diagnostic radiographs, understanding clinical procedures, and tracking of lab cases.

8. Stay current on company updates and state guidelines as changes /additions occur in your role and implement accordingly. a. Clinicalsupplies b. Labs c. Scannerimplementation d. Clear Aligner Therapy e. State delegable duties f. OSHA & HIPPA Job Title: Dental Assistant Reports To: Practice Manager of Operations FLSA Status: Exempt Prepared By: Committee Updated: January 2021

9. It isimperative to fully understand your role within the practice and become an effective and efficient team member by continually developing your knowledge and skill in all aspects of the practice. a. Ensure a mastery level of clinical excellence. b. Maintain a high level of ethicalstandard. c. Ensure complete, accurate, and appropriate documentation. d. Maintain exceptional human relationsskills. e. Focus conversations with patients on the patient and dentistry, avoiding personal information or gossip. f. Treat all patients with the utmost respect and avoid judgment.

10. To have knowledge and utilize the Heartland Dental financial optionsthat allows patientsto complete treatment. a. Understand your role in the 10 Step Financial Process when presenting treatment. b. Understand third party financing options. c. Ensure that a signed financial arrangement is in place for the current and subsequent visits, following Heartland Dental financial policy guidelines. d. If treatment changes, know that a financial discussion and revised financial arrangement is necessary for treatment to continue.


1. Provides World Class Communication with team and patients

2. Stay current with License and CPR 3. Accurate & complete data entry 4. Knowledge and implementation of systems 5. Effective time management with schedule and patient flow


1. Integrity – do what you say you will

2. Consistent & does the right thing for the right reason

3. Timely & follows through

4. Self-accountability with an ownership mentality

5. Goal oriented- annually written and quarterly reviewed

6. Follow training recommendations


1. Open, positive, & mentally flexible attitude

2. Patient focused

3. Team player

4. Solution minded

5. Career minded – CANI loop (constant and never-ending Improvement)

6. Ability to work well under pressure and prioritize multiple tasks.

Office Hours:

Monday: 8am-5pm

Tuesday-Wednesday: 10am-7pm

Thursday: 8am-4pm

Friday: (Second Friday of the month) 8am-12NOON


1. Strong verbal and written communication skills with the ability to adapt communication style to different personalities.

2. Exceptional customer service skills along with a high level of maturity, personal initiative, and sound judgement.

3. Strong organizational skills, accuracy, and attention to detail.

4. Strong computer skills and the ability to learn new systems.

5. Show a willingness to continue your personal education for dental procedures and techniques to be able to support doctors to provide world class care.

6. Ability to travel for training, occasionally out of state.

7. Dental experience is a plus

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• BLS/CPR certification
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